Electronics & Med-Tech

For a manufacturer who produces hundreds or thousands of complex electronics across product lines, improving yields is a significant opportunity to reduce costs. Unfortunately, the existing test data seldom supports such initiatives, and the “Do It Yourself” test fixtures are often inaccurate or inoperable.
Our low-maintenance solutions provide the data needed for all stakeholders (including contract manufacturers) to improve processes, identify component issues, and improve yields.
Once we have designed a specific test solution, Larson Automation can build additional test stations as needed to support expansion of product lines, additional manufacturing facilities, and contract manufacturers.
The heart of Larson’s capabilities lies in our proprietary platform. The platform is highly configurable and is comprised of hardware and software.

The platform provides:

  • An intuitive, comfortable interface for the user
  • The ability to “drill down” to the specific test segment at a specific location
  • Reduction of errors by automation of complex tests
  • Improved efficiency by automation of simple, tedious tests that waste time
  • Removal of measurement errors by storing calibrations digitally
  • Customized reports for various stakeholders such as Quality

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