Larson Automation designs and develops automated test solutions for your manufacturing or engineering environment. With over 15 years of experience in solving test problems with the aid of computers, Larson Automation has developed systems for the following products.

  • Military and space-qualified components
  • Microwave components
  • Digital microwave radios
  • Commercial RF synthesizers and PC boards

Solutions offer the following features:

  • GPIB rack and stack test equipment to preserve current capital investment
  • Custom DC bias and control interfaces to interface equipment to your Device Under Test
  • The LabWindows/CVI graphical user interface reduces training time by providing the user a familiar interface
  • The databases feed to corporate database systems
  • Bar code input and label printing reduce data entry errors

Recent projects include:

  • Space-qualified Ku Band channel amplifiers tested over rigorous environmental conditions including accelerated temperature and vacuum environments
  • Go/No Go testing of high-volume RF PC boards to be installed at a remote manufacturing facility
  • Developing an interface to customer-designed control circuitry embedded into vendor’s products
  • 38 GHz commercial oscillators tested 10 at a time over temperature extremes to analyze tuning characteristics and ensure all parameters are within specified limits