About Us

Traditionally, manufacturing test fixture were designed, built, and maintained in-house. These fixtures consumed valuable engineering resources to build. These test fixtures were often built out of necessity, and the resulting designs were neither scalable nor efficient. It was a significant engineering effort to build additional identical test fixtures. Frequently, it was not easy to diagnose an issue without disassembling the test system and requiring a developer to enable and interpret advanced debug diagnostics. As the test fixtures aged, they became increasingly less reliable and consumed more engineering resources.

Larson Automation was founded to provide a robust, scalable, cost-effective functional test solution. Larson Automation’s solution integrates manufacturing test, debug, simulation, and reporting in a seamless user-friendly environment. Our systems are designed from the ground up to be reliable and repeatable. Our platform-based design ensures that multiple test fixtures will perform identically, with no significant inconsistencies across fixtures.

We work with US-based manufacturers who embrace the value of test. We specialize in developing customized automated test solutions for manufacturing, high growth, and mil-aero companies.

Our solutions enable our customers to:

  • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • Improve yield
  • Improve quality
  • Improve production efficiency

We believe in:

  • Quality: Measurements beyond question
  • Efficiency: Eliminate wasted time, redo’s, mistakes, spoilage
  • Responsibility, Respect, Family

Larson Automation was founded by Wayne Larson in 1993 and is located in San Jose, California.